Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days Prepared Game Results

Over the first 12 days of December, the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) launched an emergency preparedness game on social media called #12DaysPrepared which provided unique scenarios to engage the community in dialogue about hazards that face us here in the Pacific Northwest.

These 12 scenarios included:
  1. Multi-Location Bomb Attack
  2. Severe Windstorm
  3. Food & Water Contamination
  4. Chlorine Tanker Accident
  5. Blister Agent Dispersed over a Stadium
  6. Cyber Attack
  7. Community-Wide Flooding
  8. White Powder 
  9. Suspicious Activity
  10. Radiological Bomb
  11. Smallpox Bioterrorism
  12. Nuclear Missile Attack
This is the 2nd game that CRESA has facilitated on social media.  The first game, #30Days30Ways was played in September 2010 in honor of National Preparedness Month. 

We are often asked about what we see happen during these games and here is why we play:
  • People share their answers usually in open forums which sparks conversation, engagement and connection with others.
  • It sparks thinking and interest about the "right answers," even among many who are not playing.
  • People ask more about what CRESA does as an agency and we've seen an increase in followers, calls to our office and in those who want to volunteer with our program.
  • It allows us to experiment on social media and learn about its benefits and its limitations
  • And, ultimately, we're building relationships with people who will help us share information when crisis descends among us.  
We sincerely appreciate everyone who has participated in each of our games.  This game, specifically, resulted in 187 answers to the 12 scenarios via blog comments, Facebook, Twitter and email.

We are also happy to announce the winner of this contest as John Doores, from Virginia, who answered all 12 scenarios on our Facebook Fan Page.  

Beginning on Friday, we will provide preparedness information to answer that oft-asked question of "how should a person prepare" for some of these catastrophic scenarios.

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