Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GAME DAY 8: White Powder

Welcome to the 12 Days Prepared Game: Official Game Rules

SPECIAL NOTE:  Following the conclusion of this game, CRESA intends to discuss each of these scenarios to share the creative ideas expressed by participants in this game, discuss some of the local plans & capabilities that exist now within our community as well as the "recommended" protective actions.

We recognize that many of you are expressing reluctance to share your answers because you are uncertain of the protective actions, but we sincerely appreciate your engagement and consideration of each of these important topics.

Reports are surfacing throughout the media that white powder is being found throughout your local community in various suspicious packages and envelopes.  It is rumored to contain anthrax spores, although laboratory testing has yet to confirm this.  It is also in the early stages of flu season which means that a number of people are reporting flu-like symptoms already and the symptoms of inhalation anthrax are non-specific. 

You are at work and find an envelope in your inbox.  You open it to find about a tablespoon of white powder that has been released into the air around your hands.
Two simple questions:
  • What would you do?
  • How do you think the community should prepare for this possibility?
Play along by answering the questions in ONE of the following locations
Original Game Rules for #12DaysPrepared can be read here:

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Cindy Stanley said...

1. Set the envelope down gently, inform others around me (consider pets too) of possible emergency, immediately wash hands, isolate area, Call 9-1-1 to report incident.
2. Be aware of your surroundings. Get your information from a trusted source. Get flu shots.