Sunday, December 12, 2010

GAME DAY 12: Nuclear Missile Launch

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A single weapon has destroyed Detroit in the United States and Leningrad in the Soviet Union. The weapon in this scenario had a yield of 1 megaton (or roughly 65 times more powerful than the Hiroshima blast). The casualties from such attacks could range from 2,500,000 dead and 420,000 injured to 2,500,000 dead and 1,100,000 injured. Because this case deals with a nuclear strike against only one city in the target country, the rest of the United States or Soviet Union would be able to bring aid to Detroit or Leningrad. Still, with the extent of the devastation, medical facilities could only provide inadequate service.

While this scenario is occurring far enough from home that there are no local impacts, the panic and fear among residents of the United States is incredible.  Fear of another attack or imminent war is evident.

Two simple questions:
  • Upon hearing this news, how would you react?  What would you be most concerned about?  
  • How do you think the community could be made more aware of preparing for this threat?
Play along by answering the questions in ONE of the following locations
Remember, you only have until midnight tonight to answer this scenario.  The game winner will be announced tomorrow, Monday, December 13th, at the Clark College Community Conversation Event.  If the game winner is not present to win, they will be contacted via email or direct message regarding their prize.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this game.  In the coming week, we will share preparedness ideas for each of these scenarios.

1 comment:

Cindy Stanley said...

1. I would be most concerned for the people I love, will they be safe, are they traveling?
2. I don't know - this is beyond my imagination. General preparedness, having supplies lasting a few weeks might help.