Saturday, December 11, 2010

GAME DAY 11: Smallpox Bioterror Attack

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Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports one confirmed and twenty suspected cases of smallpox in your city. Presumably, this is a bioterrorism attack, with the virus deliberately introduced.

Emergency rooms in your city soon become extremely crowded, while many hospital staff don't show up for work the day after the first case is reported on CNN. The Governor of your state requests that each and every one of the 3.5 million citizens of the state receive the smallpox vaccine within the next 72 hours. The National Guard is put on alert. The Governor declares a state of emergency, and requests that the President invoke the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. (The Stafford Act provides extra assistance to state and local authorities in catastrophic disasters, and also allows the national government broader powers to respond to the crisis, such as the use of active-duty soldiers.)

Two simple questions:
  • Upon hearing this news, how would you react?  Would you comply with the vaccination mandate?
  • How do you think the community could be made more aware of preparing for this threat?
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Cindy Stanley said...

1. It would be natural to feel anxiety but would remind self and others not to panic. Yes my immediate family and self would get the vaccination.
2. Build trust ahead of time with general preparedness, consistent public messaging and let public know there is a plan.

:p said...

1. I would have no problem in getting the shot and would encourage others to do by example. 2. Building relationships with our community through preparedness activities. Also through the use of alert and warning mechanisms used during incidents we can work with our community and use some of these tools to prepare.