Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lessons Learned in 30 Days

For National Preparedness Month, in September, you might remember that we facilitated a month-long game called #30Days30Ways

This past Friday, October 22nd, CRESA brought together the 13 finalists for a roundtable discussion of this first venture into preparedness-oriented games.  Eleven out of the 13 finalists participated in a wonderful discussion with two of our finalists flying in from Kansas City and traveling down from Seattle!

We gathered the following "lessons learned" from this experience:
  • Tasks Felt Achievable & Fun:  Players felt that they could do these tasks and felt confident in their "pre-game" preparedness levels, despite reporting that near the end of the game, they were more aware of preparedness and ideas that they hadn't really thought of before the game. 
  • Different Social Media Platforms were used:  Among the finalists, 5 used Facebook, 5 used Email, 2 used Twitter, 3 used Blog comments.  (We realize this is more than 13 people, but some used a combination of platforms). 
  • Different Platforms for different reasons: 
    • Facebook was enjoyed because of the additional conversation that it generated among players.
    • Email was used by folks who either were unsure of their answers or those who wanted to keep their answers private
    • Twitter was used by those who regularly use the medium to communicate.
    • Blog was used when questions required a longer answer 
  • Encouragement & Feedback was important across Platforms: Players reported that the response to emails, Facebook postings and in Twitter, served both an encouragement role and additional information about preparedness that was felt to be valuable.
  • Relationship-Building occurred among players:  While initially people were playing against more invisible competitors, over time people started talking with other players in the game and found that level of information-sharing to be valuable.   
  • Desire for Multi-Track Play:  Because the engagement between the participants was rich, it was recommended that we consider setting a "basic" track and an "advanced" track for people who desire a higher level of technical challenge. 
With these lessons in hand, CRESA is excited to announce that we are in the planning stages for our next preparedness game which will start December 1st and be 12 days in length, playing on the idea of the 12-days of Christmas.

We are actively looking for help in the following areas: 
  • A creative NAME and #Twitter Hashtag for the game
  • Good ideas for tasks
  • Prize Donations
If you have some great ideas, please feel free to post a comment here on the Blog, comment on our Facebook Fan Page, Tweet to @CRESA or include the #30days30ways hashtag, or email them to

Winner, Janna Nichols, was announced this past Friday and she received the donated and engraved rugged information-storage device from @TacDrive.  All finalists did receive prizepacks that included a number of great preparedness items as well. 

Thanks to everyone who played our #30Days30Ways Game.

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