Saturday, December 4, 2010

GAME DAY 4: Chlorine Tanker Accident

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DAY 4 SCENARIO:  On a local railroad line, an accident occurs that results in an immediate explosion and release of chlorine gas into the air. A light (five miles per hour) breeze carries the plume toward residential and commercial areas. There are a moderate number of casualties and only two fatalities on site, but people in the immediate area are contaminated with chlorine.

Emergency warnings are issued for residents in the immediate area to shelter-in-place.  It is estimated that nearly 100,000 people may be exposed to the smoke and chlorine as the plume moves downwind. Your hospital, 5 miles from the incident, has also been instructed by local officials to immediately shelter-in-place.

The media shows the Hazmat teams and fire/EMS personnel attempting to put out the fire. The local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is immediately activated. There is widespread fear of contamination by residents, even though they are not in the plume area, and many begin presenting to the hospital for treatment. The chlorine cloud and smoke are expected to impact your home or work facility within the hour, and the
chlorine may cause facility damage and will require cleanup and decontamination.

You receive a phone call from local emergency services instructing you to shelter-in place.

Two simple questions:
  • What are the initial actions you would take upon receiving that call?
  • How do you think the community should prepare for this possibility?
Play along by answering the questions in ONE of the following locations 
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Cindy Stanley said...

1. Take husband, cell and landline phones and pets to designated Shelter-in-Place room (bathroom). Use plastic pieces and duct tape (stored in safe room on window. Duct tape plastic piece on bathroom vent. Place wet towels at bottom of door. Use duct tape around door, between molding and door. Turn radio in bathroom on and wait for more information.
2. The community needs to understand what protective measures are, including how to handle information from authorities to Shelter-in-Place, having a family emergency plan, including which room is safest, have supplies ready in box or bag and practice going into safe room.

:p said...

1. Hopefully this would happen when I am at work. Initiate Isolation protocols. If at home, I am already in a small box of an apartment and would isolate air circulation. 2. Preparedness is the best step.