Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Disaster Shopping List: Week 11

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We're almost to the end of our 12-week emergency preparedness shopping extravaganza.  It's hard to believe that a mere 11 weeks ago, you were totally unprepared for disaster, but look at you now, right? 

Hopefully, you have followed each of the blog posts and now have an awesome start to a preparedness kit.  This week, we are going to focus on "Special Items As Needed" based on your needs and the needs of those in your household.  So, you may need some of these items, but not all. 

Here is the list to consider for Week 11:  
  • Food for special diets (like food allergies, religious preferences or for medical conditions)
  • Baby food, bottles or infant formula
  • Diapers (be sure to update sizes as your child grows as a size 1 diaper may be tough to use on your size 5 baby!)
  • Pet food (your animal is going to look very sad if he or she runs out of food before you do)
  • Leash and pet carrier
  • Spare eyeglasses or contact supplies
  • Items for denture care
  • Extra hearing aids and batteries
  • Feminine hygiene supplies
  • Any other medical or mobility supplies you or your household may require
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