Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Disaster Shopping List: Week 10

Creative Commons via sk8geek

We're coming to the home stretch of our preparedness shopping list with only four items to get this week and you may even already have them!  But before you strain your arm patting yourself on the back, you still need to know right where these items are and check to see if they are in operable condition.

So, what are these mystery items?
  • Battery powered camping lantern (handy for longer term power outages)
  • Extra batteries (especially for your lantern and your mobile phone!)
  • Portable grill or stove with fuel (which should NEVER be used inside your house!) 
  • Disposable camera (to document losses for insurance purposes)
That's it for today.  If you missed any of the previous shopping lists, they are compiled here.  We will do a master list at the end of this series for those of you who may want to shop all at once!

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