Monday, December 5, 2011

CRESA Employees Give Back

CRESA employees are awesome and always willing to support the community in a number of creative ways. Over the years, employees have conducted clothing drives, step forward to assist families in need and often strive to find fun ways to reach out and support their local community.

Today, employees stepped forward to support two key community projects:  The Children's Sharing Project and the Dough for Doernbecher.  These two projects are an annual tradition for CRESA.
The Children's Sharing Project provides presents for needy children throughout Clark County.   Employees voluntarily choose gift cards with wishes on them from various families.  This year, employees fulfilled the Christmas wishes of 23 different families.  

Dough for Doernbecher is a fundraiser that Rivermark Credit Union puts on every year which raises funds for Doernbecher Children's Hospital.  Employees support this fundraiser by buying 5-pounds of cookie dough in either chocolate chip or sugar cookie varieties.  For employees who are doing holiday baking, this helps save precious time during the holidays while supporting a great cause.  This year, 155 pounds of dough were purchased to support Doernbecher.

Volunteering at CRESA is always something that occurs over and above the daily expectations here at CRESA.  While it is never compelled, we just wanted to say THANK YOU publicly.  Seeing the giving hearts of employees is just one of the many reasons we appreciate our staff.  

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