Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Are you ready to evacuate in an emergency?

Have you registered your cell phone with your Clark County address?

Today, CRESA prepared and sent an emergency message to some Washougal residents on behalf of the Washougal Police due to an urgent potential life-threatening police and fire emergency. The residents were told to “evacuate immediately” away from this area. Anyone that could not safely evacuate was told to secure their home, stay low and away from the windows. Would you know what to do if you got this message? Here are some tips.

  1. Register your wireless phone with your address so that we can keep you informed (see CRESA Alerts below).

  2. Always keep paper and pen by your phone to accurately record the instructions.

  3. Although it may be cute, never let small children answer the phone.

  4. Be prepared to evacuate and leave your home immediately, if instructed.

  5. Keep an emergency kit in your car, including food, water and blankets.

  6. Keep your important medication ready to evacuate with you.

  7. Inform your family members after you have been evacuated of your current location and situation.

  8. Follow the instructions of first responders on how to keep informed of the situation.

CRESA Alerts. Could we notify you of an emergency in your neighborhood on your cell or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone? Register your cell phone or non-traditional land line phone numbers with your home or business address today. If you have a traditional land-line phone there is no need to register.

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