Monday, February 21, 2011

Be Prepared for Valley Snow Wednesday Night and Thursday

The National Weather Service says there is a good chance for snow down to the valley floor starting Wednesday night and into Thursday. We could have up to 5 inches down at the lowest elevations though they expect 2-3 inches to be more common. Forecasters are hopeful this should miss the Wednesday evening commute. The snow should start later in the evening.

Snow this time of the year is rare and this could be our most substantial snow event of the season. And with the higher angle of the sun, we could have some light melting of any accumulated snow which will then freeze in the evening adding to the commute challenges.

Be prepared! Plan ahead to limit your travel or to allow more time for your commute, especially on Thursday. Also check back here or with your favorite forecaster to keep tabs on what's going on with the weather. Forecasting snow at low elevations in the Northwest is tricky so this forecast can change as we get close to this winter storm event. Stay tuned.

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