Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DAY 8: Risky Business

Risk is defined as the "possibility of loss or injury" and Hazard is defined as "something causing unavoidable danger, peril, risk or difficulty." 

DAY 8 ACTIVITY:  Tell us the top 3 risks or hazards that you feel are most likely to affect you and your loved ones and why you believe they are your top 3.   

PROOF: This task is worth +2 points.  One point will be awarded for the hazards and one point for answering why. 

Choose one of the following ways to record your answer:
  • Leave a comment with your answer in it on this blog post
  • Put your answer on the CRESA Facebook Fan Page or tag CRESA in a note, if you are recording your activities on your own page.
  • Provide the answer on Twitter (please include @CRESA or hashtag #30days30ways in your tweets)
  • If you are uncomfortable sharing this information online, you may email your answer to:
For the #30Days30Ways rules, check out this blog post:

CONTEST UPDATE:  We are so pleased to see so many people participating in this contest.  Because we are playing this game across several web-based platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Email, it's difficult for everyone to get a sense of the scale of this project. 

As of early yesterday, about 60 people are actively playing (although this number is growing every day) and at least 10 people have completed every task.  We have players in at least 14 states and 3 countries although information has been spreading about the game every day.   

The tasks don't take too much time, so if you are just joining us, feel free to catch up on the activities.  Remember, you have until midnight on 9/30/10 to complete this task and any of the previous tasks!  It is easy to put most of the answers in one email to increase your point totals. 

It is super inspiring seeing people take steps towards enhancing their own preparedness and we genuinely look forward to meeting the contest winners and chatting about your experiences in this contest.


Schnik said...

1: The Sellwood Bridge collapsing.
2: A major earthquake in the Portland area.
3: Snow.

1: As the Sellwood is a major thoroughfare in my area I constantly worry that we are not moving fast enough to replace the aging structure. The loss of a bridge in that area would be devastating to Sellwood & Milwaukie.

2: I don't think our region is currently prepared for an earthquake of any large magnitude. With the number of bridges, tunnels and raised thoroughfares in the area a tremor could easily cripple the two sides of the city.

3: Portland is not known for large amounts of snowfall; However, we are crippled by even the smallest amounts of snow/freezing rain though we seem to have at least one event every year. It seems that a mitigation plan for something like that wouldn't be hard to plan for and could employ the use of all possible snow removal options in case of serious emergency. We're a bridge town and they ice over, every time.

Robin said...

1. Major Earthquake
2. Major flooding
3. Ice/Snow

1. Of course we all know we are due for a major earthquake in this area and I don't feel most people are prepared. This is a great service you are doing to help people acknowledge their "unpreparedness" and helping us to get prepared. I believe Clark County Emergency Services is prepared for such a disaster but individuals need to help themselves also.

2. Major flooding. Living in Kalama and driving I-5 into work there have been issues before with the flooding and it almost covering the freeway and having to figure out different ways if any to get to vancouver to go to work.

3. The snow/ice do cripple this area. We live in a huge hill and were actually unable to get off of it for 4 days last year when we had that huge snow storm. There were 4 of us families up on a hill that was just covered in snow with a very thick layer of ice underneath. Even 4wheel drive with chains didn't help. I had to walk down the hill and catch a ride with a deputy at the bottom to stay with a friend in vancouver for the 4 days i worked.

petforkeeps said...

1. Earthquake-A major earthquake in our area could possibly make it extremely difficult to receive any assistance from Oregon, make it extremely difficult to assist others. I keep a hard hat and shoes by my bed.
2. Fire-The lack of rain in the summer always creates the possibility of fires and the need for evacuation.
3. Power Outages-My well doesnt work without power and we have had instances where our power has done out for days requiring use of our disaster supplies.
I am trying to get caught up on all these tasks! I was out of town and very much believe in the necessity of thinking through every single one of these tasks.