Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 Days, 30 Ways Preparedness Challenge

We are excited to announce a fun community challenge called 30 Days, 30Ways to celebrate National Preparedness Month 2010

Each day in September, CRESA is going to post an activity-based challenge which will take everyone who plays one step closer towards being more resilient as a community and ready to face the next crisis. 

Who Can Play?
Anyone can play.  In fact, we encourage EVERYONE to play along in this fun challenge.  Even if you don't complete all 30 days of challenges, by simply doing some of these activities, you may find yourself thinking about emergencies differently. 

How Do We Play?
The daily challenge will be posted each day by 12:00 p.m. on our BlogFacebook and Twitter pages which can be found in the following locations:
Each challenge will describe how to provide proof of each activity.  Each activity will be relatively short and fast although there may be days you can earn an extra-credit point for doing something that takes slightly more creative energy. 

You do not have to complete the task on the day in which it is initially assigned; however, all proofs must be completed/turned in by 2359 hours on 9/30/10.  Proof submitted beyond September 30th will not be considered eligible for this event. 

What Will I Win?
Besides the great self-actualization that you are prepared (or not, as the case may be), we have decided to provide some additional incentive beyond bragging rights for being the first 30 Days, 30 Ways winner.  This includes:
  • Personal Mention in a media release about the contest results (you may choose to remain anonymous if you wish). 
  • Invitation to a CRESA Emergency Management Staff Meeting to discuss your experience in this contest and to provide feedback on this contest.  (If the winner does not live locally, we will set up a teleconference so that we can chat together.)
  • 2011 Preparedness Calendar
  • "Behind the Scenes" Tour of the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) which includes 9-1-1 and Emergency Management
The person (or people, in the event of a tie) who completes the most challenges will be identified as the winner of this contest.  We challenge you to join us in this amazing and fun quest to be better prepared together. 

Tomorrow, we will issue Challenge #1. 


nobleone said...

I check the smoke alarms in my home every 3 months, the batteries are replaced in the smoke alarms and also the CO2 detector every year at Christmas. While shopping for gifts and batteries for the gifts I always pick up fresh batteries for the detectors.

Carol said...

Day 2 - shelter in place - food
I would estimate I have a 60 day supply of food. They would not be gourmet meals toward the end, but they would be nourishment. I have food in the pantry and refrigerator, the garden is still supplying beans, potatoes, tomatoes, beets, and carrots, and I have a block of that cardboard tasting food in my to go kit.

Carol said...

Day 3 Contacts

I will be checking in on my husband and daughter initially, then I would check on neighbors. And those would be the people checking on me.

Carol said...

Day 4 - Family Plan

I have a completed CRESA Family Emergency Plan that I completed 04/29/2009. I promise to review the plan and update information as needed. I keep a copy of the plan in my to go kit in the car and in my shelter in place kit at home. My family members know of this plan and its location.

Carol said...

Day 8 Risks

1. Earthquake - Even since I attended Brian Atwater's lecture on the Orpan Tsunami several years back, I have been reading as much as I can find on the history of earthquakes and the possibility of the next one. Pretty scary stuff and we need to get ready because it's coming!

2. Floods - we seem to be having them more often in our area.

3. Snow and Ice - it seems like we have been snowbound more and more days the last few winters. The kids love the snow days, but I get stir crazy after 3 or 4 days.

Carol said...

Day 9 - Evac

Home - front or back door or a window since all on one level

Firstenberg - we had a drill one time I was there in the upstairs gym. We went down the stairs, out a back door, and met at an evac meet sign. (It wasn't a planned drill - someone just pulled the fire alarm.)

Daughter's condo on 5th floor - steps on both north and south sides of the building. Would use the closest steps on the north side.

Carol said...

Day 10 Rememberance

I was listening to the radio as I was getting ready for work. I couldn't believe the news - it couldn't be happening. And, the news kept getting worse as the day progressed. Our prayers still go out to those who lived through that horrendous day and to those who lost loved ones.

Carol said...

Day 12 Deep Breath

I take a yoga class that has a meditation segment two times a week. I do meditate on my own, but not on a regular schedule.

Carol said...

Day 13

I have an active First Aid/CPR card.

Carol said...

Day 14 Water

I have 10 gallons of water stored in #7 pc bottles in a closet. If I share with my husband that should last us 5 days. I also have smaller packets of water in our to go kit and also in the shelter in place kit. If we got desperate, we could drink from the bird baths and the outdoor water feature as well as the toilet and hot water heater.

Carol said...

Day 15

I learned that practicing is a good thing. I dropped, covered, and held under my desk, but I discovered all of me did not comfortably fit with all the clutter I store down there. A second trial run after some cleaning produced much happier results.

Carol said...

I live very close to Lacamas Lake Fault.

Carol said...

Day 5 Smoke Alarms

Our smoke alarm is hard wired into the house. I push the button twice a year to confirm that it is working - when we change the clocks.

Carol said...

Day 16 Records

My originals are stored in various places, but I did make copies to put in a waterproof pouch for my to go kit and my shelter in place kit. Documents include birth cert, marriage cert, passport, driver's license, and insurance info (medical, car, and home).

Carol said...

Day 17 Power

Almost everything I do would be affected if we did not have power: cooking, reading, working on the computer, watching tv, keeping warm or cold. I would utilize a lot of my camping equipment to fill the void, but I do not know how long it would last me. I have propane for the camp stove for cooking, headlamps to provide light, sleeping bags and blankets for warmth.

Carol said...

Day 18 Take on Evac


Photo Albums (yes, mine are in albums)

Go Kit that has copies of documents, pet food, and other comfort items)

Carol said...

Day 19 Fun

The only entertainment item I currently have in my kit is a pack of cards.

I think I will add a book of crossword puzzles and a book of poems.

Carol said...

Day 20

Active member of the Volunteer Mobilization Center.

Carol said...

Day 21 Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are not secure. Will need to work on improving this situation.

Carol said...

Day 22 Plan a route

This is easier for me now that I am retired. If I were still working in Portland, I would need to figure an alternate route to the bridges. Most of my daily activities now are closer to home and do not involve bridges or overpasses.