Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Enjoy Treasure Hunts? Join the Safety GeoCache Hunt on Saturday

Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency will be hosting an Event Geocache during their 9-1-1 Open House Activities on September 11th. 

The Event Geocache is a series of 10 safety posters geared towards raising awareness.  Anyone with a GPS-enabled device can participate.

Each poster will be located on the campus of the Open House activities and will contain the coordinates to aid in reaching the next safety poster.

The final poster leads to a cache of papers which can be used to exchange for a certificate of completion.  The first 10 participants to complete the course will receive an additional prize.

The posters to reach the first destination will be in a number of locations throughout the Open House festivities; however, the coordinates to reach point number 2 will not be posted until 11:30 AM on September 11th.

To learn more about how to geocache, check out