Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DAY 7: Spread the Word

September is National Preparedness Month, as designated by the President of the United States.  While this month has been in existance for many years, preparing for emergencies is not always popular. 
Today, we want "preparedness" to take center stage.  The more we talk about it with others as a normal and wise thing to do, the less unusual it will seem to do.   

This month, many emergency management agencies are sponsoring special events to involve their local communities.  CRESA's big community party will take place this coming Saturday from 11a-2p.  We invite everyone to attend.   

DAY 7 ACTIVITY:  Help us "spread the word" about National Preparedness Month!

You will earn 1 point by sharing the CRESA Event Flyer or any National Preparedness Event flyer with other people in one of the 6 ways:
  1. Posting a flyer in a public place
  2. Sharing a preparedness flyer in an email to friends
  3. Find the CRESA Open House Event on Facebook and "share" it on your Facebook Wall
  4. Sharing a link on Twitter to any National Preparedness Event (include the #30days30ways and #npm10 hashtags)
  5. Enter a website link to a National Preparedness Event in the form below so that it can be shared with others here on the blog.
  • If you complete the task using Method #1, #2 or #3 above, just tell us how you did it by leaving a comment here on the blog, Facebook Day 7 or email cheryl.bledsoe@clark.wa.gov
  • If you complete the task via Method #4 or #5, this should automatically be visible to us. 
A number of folks blogs and share their thoughts with a community of followers regularly. 

If you write a blog post about preparedness and mention CRESA or the #30Days30Ways project, share the link back to your blog post via the form below or post a link to your blog entry on Twitter, using the #30Days30Ways hashtag.

It's easy for individuals to prepare themselves, but a little more challenging to encourage the community to prepare.  Join us today in this incredibly worthy effort. 
Remember, you have until midnight on 9/30/10 to complete this task and any of the previous tasks!

For the #30Days30Ways rules, check out this blog post: http://cresa911.blogspot.com/2010/08/30-days-30-ways-preparedness-challenge.html

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:p said...

I'll put "It's National Preparedness Month. Get a kit, Make a plan (linked to 3days3ways and play along to prepare 30days30ways (linked)" so that way my whole region will see as they all LOVE getting emails from me! It's the default SharePoint email, so it goes out often.