Monday, September 6, 2010

DAY 6: Name Your Closest Fault

Eathquakes happen all around us and all over the world.  Some quakes are so small that they remain unfelt while others create significant damage.  Our hearts go out to the people in New Zealand who experienced the most recent 7.4 magnitude earthquake this past Friday.

DAY 6 ACTIVITY:  Using the website,, zoom in and find the nearest fault line to where you live or work.  When you zoom in, you should be able to click on the fault to find its name. 

PROOF: Submit the name of the nearest fault line to your home or place of work.  This task is worth +1 point
  • Leave a comment with your answer in it on this blog post
  • Put your answer on the CRESA Facebook Fan Page or tag CRESA in a note, if you are recording your activities on your own page.
  • Provide the answer on Twitter (please include @CRESA or hashtag #30days30ways in your tweets)
  • If you are uncomfortable sharing this information online, you may email your answer to:
Remember, you have until midnight on 9/30/10 to complete this task and any of the previous tasks!

For the #30Days30Ways rules, check out this blog post:

1 comment:

petforkeeps said...

We are about half way between Lacamas Lake Fault and Portland Hills Fault.