Friday, September 3, 2010

DAY 3: Who are "Your People"?

It's easy math to know that there are simply not enough emergency responders to reach every house following a disaster.  This highlights the need for people to check on their friends & loved ones both prior to a looming hazard and following any no-notice disaster. 

DAY 3 ACTIVITY:  Today, we want to know who you will check-in on following an emergency and who will check-in on you.  We are not looking for names, but rather identifying "your people" by their relationship to you.   

PROOF:  Here are the multiple ways you can leave your answer with us for today's point(s):
  • Leave a comment with your answer in it on this blog post
  • Put your answer on the CRESA Facebook Fan Page or tag CRESA in a note, if you are recording your activities on your own page.
  • Provide the answer on Twitter (please include @CRESA or hashtag #30days30ways in your tweets)
  • If you are uncomfortable sharing this information online, you may email your answer to:
For an EXTRA POINT today: 
Provide at least 2 ways of how you would communicate with "your people" because it is common to experience jammed phone lines following an emergency event. 

Remember, if you are just joining in this challenge, you can still complete all of the older tasks.  Here are some links:


Robin said...

husband,son,daughter,mom/dad,inlaws,bestfriend,and 2 neighbors. I would walk to the neighbors. I would text message my son/daughter/husband (if he is at work) and best friend. I would try cell phoning mom/dad on their cell phone or e-mailing from laptop.

dtonedouthit said...

In person - my wife and potentially several of my friends depending on the scale of the event. On the phone (if available) - my parents, sister, other extended family members and friends around Portland. I would contact my coworkers due to the nature of my job.

For the bonus points, I would attempt to use Facebook, Twitter and email to contact folks (if available). I would consider using my GETS card to contact coworkers, but only for official work business.

Steve said...

It really depends on when the event occurs. I work at the Air Guard Base so therefore there is a possibility of having comms available (they are on a number of backup systems and also have an onsite ECP. If at home, I would walk the neighborhood. Hopefully there would still be some land line capability so that I could call my parents in Montana as a central out of state contact point. Also, do the best to contact inlaws and family in both Salem and Olympia.

nobleone said...

my daughters, my mom and neighbors. The communication that Iwe will use is cell phones and email. If that is not available we each have 2 way long range radios. This will help us locate one another.

petforkeeps said...

i would be contacting my son, my two adjacent neighbors and they would be contacting me. the two neighbors can be contacted via walking and my son either via email or cell phone.

Dale Chumbley said...

Wife & kids, parents and siblings. Parents would be contacting us.

We'd use land lines, cell phones or email to reach out.