Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2: How Long Could You Eat?

DAY 2 ACTIVITY: At whatever location you are when you read this post, we want you to presume that you are stranded for an extended period of time and have been advised to "shelter-in-place." Take a look at your food sources and estimate how long you could survive with the food that you have on-hand.

PROOF: We want you to tell us how long you think you could survive on the food you own that is in your near proximity [in your home, office or wherever you are].
  • Leave a comment with your answer in it on this blog post below
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  • Provide the answer on Twitter (please include @CRESA or hashtag #30days30ways in your tweets)
  • If you are uncomfortable sharing this information online, you may email your answer to:

Note: We want you to use only immediately available nearby food that you own or could procure with the cash you might have on hand (vending machines would count, food owned by your employer does not). This challenge is for FOOD only, don't worry about water....yet!

For an EXTRA POINT today:
Take & share a picture of the food that you have nearby that you are able to gather to illustrate what you'd be living on along with your estimate of how long that food would last you.
  • Post a photo to the CRESA Facebook Fan Page
  • Post your picture to Twitter to @CRESA with the #30days30ways hashtag
  • Email the picture [Note: if you use this option, please include your name or online handle in the caption to the picture so we can record your points correctly!]
Have fun with this challenge and remember, for the purposes of this exercise you have been required to "Shelter-in-Place" for an unknown period of time.

Remember, even though we are now on Day #2, you can complete earlier tasks on this challenge anytime until midnight on September 30th.

For contest rules & more information on the #30Days30Ways Challenge, read this blog post:


dtonedouthit said...

With severe rationing, I can probably last 7-10 days with the food I have at my desk.

211 said...

Yikes, I could probably only eat for 3 days or so.
-Matt Kinshella

Schnik said...

It's entirely possible that if I was stuck here, I could eat for at least 15 days. There is a distinct advantage to a mother who understands the art of canning and who shares. :)

Depiction said...

The office is outfitted with a propane grill & a freshly stocked fridge. Depending on how many of us got stuck here, we could last a week at least, probably 2.

petforkeeps said...

I posted a picture of our disaster preparedness food/water closet. We have enough food to last us approximately two months. I add something to the closet every time I go grocery shopping.

northwestdisclosures said...

If I had electricity still, I could last at least two months. I have a freezer full of elk and deer meat, chickens that would give me eggs, plenty of dandelions to make salad with and a few roosters, that although they are loved, would have to make the ultimate sacrifice. If I lost power, I could last about two weeks.

Don said...

Could probably survive for about 12 days being frugal. Camping cookery and propane in garage, and plenty of canned food.

nobleone said...

I could last about 3-4 weeks, Shopping at Costco I purchase the items that can be used in an emergency like Granola Bars and canned chicken.

:p said...

If I am at the office, I could last for a very long time. If I were at home, I could go over three days, but the grocery store is across the street. If I were stuck in my car, 3 days. If I were on the bus, 1 day.

Steve said...

Could probably last 2 - 3 weeks. Some food in the freezer with several milk jugs of ice (in case the power goes, to maintain some chill). A small supply of propane on the grill will allow basic cooking and a lot of rice, ramen, some garden items, etc.