Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DAY 28: Call Me

With only 3 tasks left, it's time to involve at least one other person in your daily task. 

Today, we're going to test your "out of area contact."  We've chatted about the need to have an out-of-area contact, because phone lines may be down during a local emergency event. 

Now, we want to ensure that your "out-of-area contact" knows they might expect to receive calls from you or your loved ones!

If you want to create a cool little card to carry for your "out-of-area" contact person, check out this template from our website! 

DAY 28 ACTIVITY:  We want your "out-of-area contact" to call us at 360-992-9229, ext 3981.  This phone number is a voicemail only, "phantom" phone line so it can be called day or night and a message left by your out-of-area contact. 

Remember, only messages left before midnight on 9/30/10 will be credited with points towards this game. 

PROOF:  It's worth +5 points today if your "out-of-area" contact calls us and says WHO they are the serving as the contact for. That's all we need to know.  Remember, if you are using a blog-oriented name that is not your real name to play this game, your out-of-area contact will need to use that so that we can credit you accurately for completing this task. 

For the #30Days30Ways rules, check out the starting post: http://cresa911.blogspot.com/2010/08/30-days-30-ways-preparedness-challenge.html.  Answers may be submitted on all tasks anytime between now and midnight on 9/30/10. 

Keep working hard to complete as many tasks as possible.  We are impressed with the activity and level of work that everyone playing is putting into this project!

UPDATE #1 (as of 0700 on 9/29/10): We have received out-of-area contact calls and recorded points for Andy C, Tim B, Scott C, Angela O, Carolyn H and Northland Fox. Please also know that we've received a number of "hang-up" calls.

UPDATE #2 (as of 2130 hours on 9/29/10):  Points have also been awarded for Nick C, Pascal S, Janna N and Neil C.
We will continue to update this blog entry and Facebook post (in the comments section) so that you can check-back and see if your out-of-area contact person has called in for you! Remember, this a voicemail line only, so folks can call anytime!

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:p said...

Someone will be calling you from Wisconsin on my behalf. :)