Friday, September 17, 2010

DAY 17: Power Trips

In today's technology-centric society, we often take the power grid for granted.  We presume that when we turn on the lights, they will work.  What if power was lost for an extended period of time?  Have you considered how reliant you are on the assumption of power?

DAY 17 ACTIVITY:  Consider your personal environment and share with us how your life would be affected if you lost power for more than 10 days.  Tell us what things you couldn't do that are a part of your daily life.

PROOF: You will earn one point for identifying your vulnerabilities and one point if you've considered developing redundancy for your key needs (for example, alternate charging sources or power generation).
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Robin said...

If we lost power for 10 days I would die. First of all we are on a well so our water wouldnt work because the pump wouldnt work.everything in the fridge/freezer would go bad, and worst of all no tv or computer!! I would go up to my neighbors who have a generator and some extra rooms for us :)

Todd said...

Avid backpackers, I think 10 days would be surviable. Tons of LED lamps, batteries, Gas powered cooking stoves and grills. Of course I'm outta' water though now. So, maybe I can barter.

--- Todd Miller

:p said...

If I were not at the ECC, I would be able to survive in the city. Generators in the area that could be used to power phone and laptop chargers. I have a 6 prong surge protector in kits too.
I found a really cool solar blanket with the ability to charge "fairly" quickly. If i have fuel, my truck is equipped with an inverter.

petforkeeps said...

We lost power for about four days a few years back during the winter and luckily we stock a lot of water as the well only works with power. If power was lost for more than ten days we would currently be in trouble. We are seriously considering have one of the water pumps turned into hand generated rather than power generated. We have enough food supplies to last for about a month. I did lose my two angelfish during that time period as there was no way to keep them warm.