Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 12: Take a Deep Breath

In Amanda Ripley's book, Unthinkable, she identifies the skill of meditation and relaxation as being important to maintaining your wits following an emergency.  In her research, it became clear that those who meditate are more likely not to be paralyzed in crisis. 

DAY 12 ACTIVITY:  Give us a good example of how you meditate.  And if you don't meditate, commit to finding some quiet time today and every day this week to build this new muscle memory.

PROOF:   Today's sharing moment or commitment to meditate is worth +1 point.
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Robin said...

I will meditate more often. There is a good exercise on wii fit for this.

petforkeeps said...

I sit in my garden and focus on the color, shape, all the details of the leaves.