Monday, September 28, 2015

CRESA Receives Clean Audit Report For The 22nd Year

Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA 9-1-1), is pleased to report that CRESA received a clean audit with no findings by the State of Washington for 2014. This marks the 22nd  year CRESA has received a clean audit which is something not many agencies can boast about. 

The Washington State Auditor’s Office was on-site at CRESA this summer. During the audit it was noted CRESA has internal controls that safeguard public assets, and we complied with state laws and regulations.  The Auditors examined the Allocation of User Costs, Procurement Processes, Payroll and Open public meetings, in addition to reviewing our Federal Grants and processes. The Accountability Audit Report and the Financial Statements and Federal Single Audit Report are available on the Washington State Auditor's Office web site.  They are located under Report Link 1015233 and Report Link 1015196.

The 22 years of clean audits can be attributed to our dedicated staff being diligent with documentation and their attention to detail.  Here at CRESA we are proud of our staff and the agency’s clean audit history.

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