Monday, August 10, 2015

Treat your cell phone and your car as a lifeline

Emergency Preparedness and safety reminders come to us almost daily in articles and lists as these are available everywhere we look.  This article is just a small reminder of two of the most important tools most of us have at our fingertips to keeping you safe.

The difference between saving your life (or not) may be in keeping your cell phone charged and with you at all times.  We hear of people actually turning off their phone at night, leaving it in the car and forgetting to keep it charged.  With the inexpensive charging devices available to us today, there really are not that many  good excuses for not keeping them handy.  But, what if someone was trying to reach you for an emergency call?  What if public officials needed to notify you of a wildfire or flash flood?  Some of you might still have landlines and good for you.  That works if you’re home.  What if you are anywhere else but home?
Life can be scary, but less so if you are prepared.  Having to call 911 for an emergency (Know Your Location please) or receiving an alert telling you of a potential or imminent dangerous situation means you need to keep your phone charged and with you.  See this article from the recent floods in Texas.  Some of the folks that received emergency messages just ignored them.  If we have to send emergency alerts of messages like these, we hope you take them seriously.   

Please try to keep your car filled with gas (or at least half filled) as much as possible  and keep your cell phone charged at all times.  Be ready Clark County!

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