Saturday, August 22, 2015

Smoke and Ash Observed In Clark County

Update 8/22 5:45 PM: Oregon Department of Environment Quality has issued an air quality alert for the Portland Metropolitan Area until 4:00 PM Sunday.  Air quality may briefly reach very unhealthy levels late tonight into Sunday morning.  For full details visit

Smoke and ash from the Mt Adams area Cougar Creek fire has been observed in Clark County and throughout the region.

9-1-1 and local fire agencies have received many calls from those who believe the smoke is related to new fires within Clark County.  At this time it is not necessary to report the smokey conditions to 9-1-1 unless you observe actual fire or a smoke column observed within the county.

The smoke may effect air quality and those sensitive to poor conditions should take precautions to avoid prolonged exposure to wild fire smoke.

For additional information visit:

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Molly said...

Ridgefield, La Center, and Woodland are a blue haze with atrong wind. YUP, ICKY. KEEOING FIREFIGHTERS AND ALL IN DANGER IN MY HEART AND THOUGHTS. THANKS FOR ALL CRESA DOES !!!