Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Phone Scam Uses 9-1-1 For Call Spoofing Now Hitting Clark County

CRESA 911 would like to warn the public of a new phone scam now hitting Clark County.  Recently several news media outlets ran a story where it makes it look like 9-1-1 is calling you, then someone says you will be arrested if you do not send money.  To complicate it more, if you do call back, it actually does call the real 9-1-1 center.

The message goes on to state that if you do not call back within 30 minutes, you will be arrested.

What is confusing most is that the Caller ID is coming in stating its 9-1-1.  CRESA 9-1-1 would never ask for this type of personal information.  We would never leave someone a voicemail telling them there is a warrant for their arrest.  

If you receive one of these calls or voicemails, we encourage you not to call 9-1-1 back unless there is an actual emergency.

Please contact the Washington State Attorney General's Office to file a complaint.   His office can be reached at 360-753-6200 or you can complete the online complaint form.

We are also including a story about this shared on KGW last week.


dog lover said...

Why would I answer if someone with 911 number calls me? It's not funny to know that emergency service would call you and say that you will be arrested. There are so many fake police or IRS reports that I can find at sites like http://whycall.me, but this one is strange. Does 911 have ever call residents, anyway?

Eric Frank said...

Dog Lover,

There are a couple times when 9-1-1 could call you. For instance... Lets say you accidentally dial 9-1-1 and realize it, then hang up. 9-1-1 will call you back to verify there is not an emergency. This is state law. It is much better to stay on the line, tell the dispatcher it was an accident, rather than hang up and us having to call you back.

We may also call you, with notification if there is something going on in your area, such as a lost child, or perhaps law enforcement activity where you are asked to stay in your homes or evacuate. These calls usually are done in mass numbers, so although you will hear a real voice from someone at CRESA, the message will be a recording giving you directions of what we are asking your cooperation with, followed up with numbers for more information if needed. Usually another message will follow this message later with an "All Clear." I hope this helps. Eric