Thursday, March 6, 2014

Taking a Few Minutes Now Could Matter When....

Minutes could make the difference in your safety, when bad things happen!!  it's important that you are connected to ensure you get the information needed especially when that bad thing may be in your own neighborhood.  It's not too far fetched, to imagine something happening in your neighborhood and we need to contact you to either shelter-in-place or evacuate.  As we have discussed before, it is important to register your mobile or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone) to help us notify you!!

Clark County along with our neighboring counties in Southwest Washington are in the process of transitioning from our current Emergency Community Notification System to a new system by the first part of April.  As part of that transition we are asking the public to once again register your mobile and VOIP devices to ensure you receive notice if we need to notify you.

During the process of transitioning from one company, to our new vendor, we have done our best to ensure all your numbers that you had registered prior transferred also, however we are encouraging everyone to register and re-register your devices with the new system.

Besides ensuring your numbers and address are correct and up to date, there are some additional reasons we think its a good idea to once again register your mobile devices.

  1. Additional methods of receiving notifications - The new system allows you to include not only SMS or text messaging for notification but also email.
  2. Additional Phones per household - The new system allows you to register multiple phones to your address at one time including multiple cell phones. 
  3. No Email or Account Needed - The old system required individuals to create an account and have an email address to sign up for the registry.   That is not a requirement in the new system.

So please, take a few minutes to help us help you and register your mobile phones. This link will take you to our sign up page.   Here is more information on why and methods to of getting notification.

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Melan Mob said...

These transitions are going to be very effective and useful. Registering the phone number, so that in case emergency arises, the emergency team will easily locate the address. Every seconds and minutes are important whenever emergencies arises. Every second counts and it does matter a lot in saving lives.

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