Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are You Registered?

Fires have ravaged a major part of the Rocky Mountains this past week.  On Tuesday June 26, 2012 over 32,000 people were evacuated alone from the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Last night another 20,000 people were put on alert for the possibility of evacuation. Reports since have estimated that at least 346 homes have been lost on 32 streets in Colorado Springs. 

Homes in Colorado Springs have been evacuated (AP Photo/The Denver Post, RJ Sangosti)

Of course, it would be easy to talk about the importance of having a kit and being prepared.  We here at CRESA believe this is something every individual, family and business need to take seriously.  Although we live in a region where this type of fire is a much lower threat, we do have serveral natural hazards that could cause similar actions. We never know when an emergency may strike that may force issuing an evacuation for a certain part, if not all of Clark County and the surrounding region.  But building a kit, is not the focus of today's blog.  Instead we want to focus on alert and notification.

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For many people these days, their mobile phone is their only phone.  A good portion of folks do not have land line telephone systems in their homes.  In doing so, many are unaware that the Enahnced 9-1-1 (or reverse 9-1-1 ) is unable to reach them if needed.  It is important for people to register both mobile and Voice Over Internet (VOiP) Phones to be able to recieve emergency alerts.  Without being registered, you may not be aware of a dangerous situation that could be in your neighborhood.  To register your phones, or email, click on our link at the CRESA Website. 

Other important tools and sources to have available include obtaining a NOAA Weather Radio.  A weather Radio allows you to not only have a battery back up source in a power outage, but it will allow you to recieve most alerts in Clark County.  You will need to program the radio using the FIPS code #053015 and set it to channel 7 (162.550 Mhz) for notifications.

Connecting Online is important for citizens of Clark County in recieveing preparedness tidbits along with other important details you may need to be interested in.  To Recieve the CRESA Blog, enter your email address here within the blog.   Become a fan of CRESA on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.  Further area alerts can be recieved and pertinent to you via email or pager at FlashAlert.

All these tools can be critical in helping you find key information during an Emergency. 
  • Be sure to be listening to the NOAA Weather Alert Radio and follow any emergency tones.
  • If power is on, make sure your Television is on to see any Emergency Alerts.
  • Tuning into your Favorite Radio Station and listening for alerts.
  • Ensuring your phones are turned on and charged.
  • Having paper/pen nearby your phone to write down any immediate emergency instructions.
  • Checking the CRESA Blog, Facebook, or Twitter Feed online or via your mobile device for the latest information! 


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