Thursday, January 2, 2014

Radiological Concerns

Recent articles in online forums have raised concern about steam releases from the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant in Okuma Japan.  Many of these articles reference radiological contaminated steam and the potential impact to the West Coast of the US should this type of release occur.   According to Mike Priddy, Manager of the Washington Department of Health’s’ Environmental Science Section there is no cause for concern at this time, regarding this threat.  

Washington DOH maintains 10+ monitoring stations throughout the state, none of which have picked up an increase in radiological contamination.  These stations are constantly monitored and, as they are sensitive enough to detect solar flare ups, the results are carefully reviewed to ensure air quality is maintained.  In addition the Environmental Science Section conducts field sampling and surveys on water, plants and marine debris throughout the state. 

For more information on WA DOH Environmental Science Section please visit their website at or contact Mike Priddy at (509) 946 0564

For more information on Radiological Monitor inside and outside of Washington State please visit the US EPA RadNet site at

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