Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Forward This Weekend...

Over the past couple weeks, I have increasingly noticed more and more daylight during my daily commute to work.  In fact earlier this week, there was a fantastic sunrise visible as I drove in.  Well all that morning light will once again be halted this weekend when we turn our clocks forward.  The trade-off;  even more daylight in the evening hours!

There are some unfortunate adjustments we all need to make this weekend and in the coming week.  The following video gives a few hints on not only the history of why we do this, but what we can do to help adjust  our internal clocks as well as the ones throughout our homes, cars, and places of employment..

As you adjust your clocks this weekend we urge you to also replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.  It is a great practice, that as we adjust all of our time clocks, to also remember our smoke detectors.

We also urge you to take a few moments to review your emergency supply kit, and make sure it is up to date, rotate water, and to make sure all food items have not expired. recommends rotating stored food and water at least every 6 months.

So as you adjust this weekend, take a few extra minutes and switch out batteries, rotate food and water.  Consider getting the entire family involved.  It's a great opportunity to do some teaching about preparedness.  Perhaps make this a weekend challenge!  As you rotate new supplies into your emergency supplies, live off the supplies you are replacing.. It could be a great way to see if you really do have what you may need to survive!   Engage your kids to think of items missing, or other examples of what could be used in making sure your  emergency kit is ready if so needed.

Here at CRESA, we hope everyone has a great weekend!  We will see you all back next week.... One hour earlier... well not really.... but kinda!!   Happy Clock Setting!!

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