Monday, March 11, 2013

Community Notification Issued Regarding Burglary Suspect

At approximately 3:40 PM today, CRESA issued an emergency notification to Vancouver residents in the area of 28th and Grand Blvd asking them to remain indoors for about a half hour. This is to allow a clear area for police and police dogs to search for a burglary suspect.  At about 4:15 PM police terminated the search.  Residents in the area may have received a phone call on their landline telephones with the notification.  Residents who registered their cell phones, VoIP (internet) phones, and email addresses on CRESA's notification website would have also received a notice.  This notification was sent at the request of the Vancouver Police Department.  Vancouver Police were particularly interested in ensuring that children just released from school come indoors to keep the area clear for this brief period.

If we need to issue a notice like this for your neighborhood, keep in mind that, unless you take action, you'll only recieve the notice on your landline telephone.  To receive the notice via your cell phone, VoIP phone, or email you will need to register.  You can do so by visiting CRESA's Emergency Notification Website.  Registration just takes a couple of minutes.

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