Friday, February 22, 2013

I Know Where I am.. Do You?

Over the past couple weeks We have been sharing information regarding the importance of "Knowing Your Location."   As we continue in this series in sharing the importance of "Knowing Your Location," we wanted to show you some posters that you may begin to see:

Over the past few months these posters have been distributed to schools throughout Clark County. In coordination of the Safe Schools Task Force, these signs will hopefully end up in every classroom across the county. This is part of a State-wide campaign to help share the importance of knowing your location when you call 9-1-1.  As we have shared in the past couple blog posts, there are numerous reasons why knowing your location is a critical part of the information you need to know when talking to a dispatcher. Knowing exactly where you may be in a large building can be difficult.  Recognizing that remembering this critical piece of information may be difficult during stressful emergency situations is the mission of this campaign.

Our goal is to hopefully expand this into care facilities and throughout  businesses' across the area.  We would love to see these simple blue and yellow posters start popping up all over Clark County.  To help make that happen,  we are providing you with a PDF Version of the poster for you to print for your office, business and building!  So spread the word, (and the poster,) so no matter where you may be, you will know your location.    If you have some clever locations for these we would love to hear them!

If you see these at your local schools or you start to see them out and about we would love to know about it.  We want to challenge you to snap a picture and send it to us!!  Attach it in a comment on the blog, share it on the CRESA Facebook page or tag @CRESAtalk on Twitter. Lets have some fun and see if we all can learn to "Know our Location!"

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