Sunday, December 16, 2012

High Wind Warning!

Weather Briefing 12/16/2012
 The following is an update to the weather briefing shared earlier today.  This storm could have significant impact to the valley starting around 11pm this evening over night.  The following is an overview giving more details on this storm.  According to the National Weather Service this storm has the potential to the 12/14/2006 storm.  Please read below and be prepared.  Charge portable devices, find flashlights and be ready for downed trees and power outages.

Expect strong southerly winds across the area this evening into Monday Morning.
High Impact wind event and Cascade Blizzard/Heavy Snow
This will be a Damaging wind Event starting at the Coast range all the way to the Willamette Valley and Blizzard/Heavy Snow in the Cascades. 

·         Over the next 12 hours there will be 65-85 mph winds on the coast tonight.

Here in the Willamette Valley:
·         11pm-6am
·         30-45 mph sustained winds
·         50-60 mph gusts
·         This storm will create a one, two punch  with 2 pockets of wind.  The first off of the Cold front followed by the winds on the back side of the low front. 
·         The biggest threat will be large open areas and hills exposed to southwest. 
·         The south valley will see winds of 25-35 mph sustained winds with gusts of 45-50mph
·         We should not see a lot of moisture with this system. A lot like Saturday with a few rain/snow showers in hills.

·         Blizzard Conditions with 2-3 ft of snow over the next 36 hours with an average of 2 inches per hour.
·         50-70 mph winds which will cause heavy blizzard conditions
·         Tonight through Tuesday. 

A low pressure system will be moving in today bringing HIGH WINDS into the area.  The impact for our region will  begin this evening through Monday morning with winds up to 55 mph.  With the amount of recent rain, this will be enough to bring down trees and potentially possible disrupt power.  Below is an overview of the system and the areas of impact, and timeline for those areas. 

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SYNOPSIS:   A strong low pressure system will move east into northwest Washington late tonight and early Monday. Significant impacts with this storm will include strong winds both on the coast and inland, high surf on the coast, and heavy snow in the Cascades. Details on the main impacts follow.

IMPACT AREA 1:    Coast
            IMPACTS:     High Winds - This afternoon through Monday morning.
                                    Gusts up to 75 mph…enough to topple trees and produce
power outages. One thing to note with this storm, is that the
winds will become more westerly late tonight and Monday
morning, meaning strong winds may impact areas that normally do not see high winds.
High Surf – Tonight through Monday night. Maximum seas    25 to 30 feet…enough to produce some beach erosion and endanger persons on the beach.

            CONFIDENCE:        High for both high winds and high surf.

IMPACT AREA 2:    Inland Valleys
IMPACTS:     Strong Winds – late Sunday night and Monday morning.
                        Gusts to 45 to 55 mph…enough to produce tree damage
and power outages.

            CONFIDENCE:        High for strong winds in the north half of the
Willamette Valley…Lower Columbia Valley and I-5
corridor in southwest Washington. Moderate in the south Willamette Valley.

IMPACT Area 3:      Cascades
IMPACTS:     Heavy Snow and Blowing Snow. – Today through Monday.
                        One to three feet down to pass levels, with the heaviest
amounts from Mount Hood northward. Strong winds will create blizzard conditions at times in exposed areas.

            CONFIDENCE:        High for heavy snow.

This storm seems to be big enough it will be impacting the entire state. The National Weather Service has provided a list that shows county by county hazards if you want more information. That is available HERE.

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