Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Its Not Thanksgiving Till the Turkey Hits The Table!

Well it is officially Thanksgiving Week!!  For many this week officially kicks off the holiday season.  This time of year brings its own set of hazards.  Christmas lights, chimney fires, space heaters, and even cooking dangers are all additional hazards during this holiday season.  This time of year there are three times the amount of structure fires in comparison to other times of year.  

Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year for home fires involving cooking equipment   The National Fire Protection Association has shared some great fire safety Cooking Tips to help keep your meal preparation safe.    

Every year we see countless videos on our local news stations about houses going up in flames due to someone cooking a turkey with a deep fryer, only to have it get out of control.  Often, its because the pan is overfilled with too much oil which overflows once the turkey is added.

Since deep fryers don't have thermostats to regulate the flame or temperature of the hot oil, the oil can overheat to combustion point and cause the oil to burst into flames.  You should always have a thermostat placed in the oil to allow ability to control the flame, and the temperature of the oil.

Another key is to always make sure the turkey isn't frozen and is completely thawed before placing it in the hot oil.  Frozen turkeys and hot, boiling oil don't mix.  A turkey can actually explode, spewing hot oil in all directions causing a fire.

Turkey deep fryers should only be used outside of buildings like garages.  Make sure they are placed on level cooking surfaces to avoid having them tip over.  They should also be kept far away from any flammable materials.  Never use these fryers in an enclosed area or on a wooden deck that could potentially catch fire if a fryer fire would occur.  It is also important to always have an all-purpose fire extinguisher handy with this type of cooking.  Keep children and pets far from the area, and if a fire does occur, please call 9-1-1. 

Many injuries and accidents occur because people forget to read the safety instructions prior to placing the turkey in the hot oil.  One of the biggest mistakes made is failing to read the part about the size limit of the turkey itself and the amount of oil to be placed in the the turkey plan.  

Cooking hazards are no joke,  we wanted to make you think yet hopefully put a smile on your face as we discussed the potential dangers involved with holiday cooking.  We realize your holiday meal is not complete until the turkey is on the Thanksgiving Table!

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving with family and friends, and Happy Thanksgiving!!  

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