Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Play to Prepare in 30 Days & 30 Ways

In 4 days, you have the opportunity to prepare for emergencies in a very fun way.  Are you ready?
No one wants to think about disasters, especially when they could hit close to home, right?  But getting a community to prepare for emergencies is vital to ensuring that we have the ability to get back on our feet when true disaster strikes.  This year, you can test your readiness to face disaster by participating in an online game called 30 Days, 30 Ways which is located at www.30days30ways.com.    

Being prepared for emergencies should be as common as wearing your seatbelt, and yet nearly every emergency preparedness survey conducted over the past 10 years indicates that 40-80% of people are unprepared to face certain hazards. 

Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) created this 30-day contest in September 2010 in honor of National Preparedness Month.  And over the past 2 years, participation has grown from 600 tasks completed in the first year to over 2400 tasks completed in the second.  This year, we want to see even more people play, discuss the challenges and have fun.  

Participants complete a daily “preparedness task” worth points.  Task answers will be short and are aimed to make you think about how prepared you really are.  

Each task answer can be sent in via email, comment on the website at www.30days30ways.com, Facebook Fan Page (www.facebook.com/30days30ways)  or via Twitter to @30Days_30Ways.

Because CRESA uses its own social media pages to share response & preparedness information, we play this game on its own set of social media platforms to provide uninterrupted focus on both the mission of our agency and the effort of the game.

The person (or people, in the event of a tie) who earns the most points from the daily challenges will be identified as the winner of the game. 

CRESA asks its community, both locally and online, to donate prizes to this game.  This year, the prize list includes a $25 gift card to iTunes, emergency preparedness kits, autographed books and emergency response training.  Each donated prize will be added to the prize list and will be redistributed to winning players in order of its estimated dollar value.     

Each business that donates a prize will be listed as a “sponsor” of this game and all agencies who help promote this game will be identified as “community partners” on the main website. We challenge everyone to join us in this fun quest to become better prepared together. 

Game rules and information can be found on the website at www.30days30ways.com. 

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