Thursday, June 14, 2012

There's an App for That!!

It seems that today everywhere we turn, there is a new application available to us on our smart phones or using some platform of social media.  It only seems logical that those involved in helping us all stay safe and better prepared are jumping on that bandwagon and looking at ways to not only make preparedness easy and relevant but also fun!

As someone who works in this field I have spent some time searching and finding some great tools that can be used to help keep my finger on the pulse.  As I look down at my Tablet right now, I can see apps  that are quick guides to triage, hazard material placards, earthquake notifications, and even a U.S. Army Survival Guide! 

Now granted for someone who is not tied to disaster and emergency preparedness on a daily basis, all these bells and whistles sound cool, but will quickly just take up valuable space on your device, however there are a few new apps, that I think you may find valuable tools.

The first one, comes from our partners at American Red Cross.  We all know accidents happen.  From some basic First Aid covering Allergies, Asthma attacks, Bleeding, Broken bones, and even Burns.  It would be a great resource to have available to you when you may need it!   It is available for both Android and Apple markets.  Attached are their links.

The other two are applications that are attached to Facebook to help you be better prepared in the event of an emergency.  They are: bReddi and Project: Lifeline.  Both were winners in a nationwide contest sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response.  They are designed to help people support each other during an emergency and to become better prepared by identifying lifelines. 

They ask many great questions for you to answer as you work through your personal preparedness kit details.  We hope you take a few minutes to take a look at them.  These and other apps out there can be great tools to help you be better prepared and have resources available to you at just a click away when you may need them the most!  Take a look!  This App may be just for YOU!!

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