Thursday, May 26, 2011

Minor Impacts So Far From Columbia River Flooding in Clark County

So far, the impacts from Columbia River flooding have been minor. That's fortunate, considering that the river hasn't spent this much time around flood stage since the last millenium.

Here's a quick summary of impacts to Clark County:

  • A section of the east end of the Vancouver Waterfront Renaissance Trail is barricaded off.

  • The end of Tidewater Cove has taken on water.

  • No roadways have flooded. The lowest elevation road is the section of Columbia Way that is underneath the I-5 Bridge. It's still a couple of feet above the water level and we don't currently expect that to flood.

  • The park areas that are impacted are the Salmon Creek Greenway and Captain William Clark Park in Washougal.

  • The access to the Steamboat Landing dock in Washougal is inundated.

  • Vancouver Lake is running high, and some of the park areas around the lake are taking on water.
We are in communication with our public works and parks officials who are keeping a close eye on the river and inundated areas. The forecast calls for the river to remain around flood stage for several days. Please be very cautious if you are involved in any activities on or around the Columbia River.

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