Thursday, May 26, 2011

Columbia River Flood Warning - Updated May 26

The National Weather Service has issued a revised Flood Warning for the Columbia River as of 8:03 a.m. Thursday, May 26.

Lower Columbia/Lower Willamette/ SW Washington Bulletin

The Columbia River will remain slightly above flood stage for the next several days as increased snow melt water from east of the Cascades reaches the Lower Columbia.

River forecasts are based on observed and forecast rainfall and temperatures and include planned reservoir releases.

  • For the latest river stages and forecasts, visit NWS website at:

  • The next update will issued after 4 PM Thursday.

The flood warning continues for the Columbia River at Vancouver.



* FORECAST... The Columbia River will continue to rise over the next 2 to 3 days with and average stage around 16.5 feet. Minor fluctuations are likely pending releases for Bonneville dam.

* IMPACTS... Near or above 16 feet, expect flooding of some lowland access roads on Sauvie Island (Oregon) and on the walkway near downtown Vancouver (Washington). Expect flooding of the Renaissance trail along the river just east of the I-5 bridge near downtown Vancouver. Water in access areas to floating homes near Fairview. There will be significant flooding along the banks of the Columbia River that are commonly used for camping, such as Cottonwood beach near Washougal and on Government Island. Backwater flooding will continue to affect Salmon Creek trail in Clark County. Rivers currents are particularly strong and the water temperatures are very cold. It is dangerous to try to swim in these waters.

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