Thursday, September 23, 2010

DAY 23: Nearest Help?

If there was a 9-1-1 outage, meaning that calls were not getting to CRESA or your local 9-1-1 agency, you might hear a recommendation to report to fire stations for emergency medical assistance over the news media or to contact your nearest police station to report crime-related situations.

DAY 23 ACTIVITY:  You'll earn today's point for identifying the nearest police & fire station to your home. 

PROOF:  In order to avoid sharing information about where you individually live, just tell us how far away (in approximate miles) both your police & nearby fire stations are to your home. 
  • Leave a comment with your answer in it on this blog post.
  • You can put your answer on the CRESA Facebook Fan Page or tag CRESA in a note, if you are recording your activities on your own page.
  • You can post the answers on Twitter (please include @CRESA or hashtag #30days30ways in your tweets
  • If you are uncomfortable sharing this information online, you may email your answer to:
For the #30Days30Ways rules, check out the starting post:
Answers may be submitted on all tasks anytime between now and midnight on 9/30/10.


petforkeeps said...

The closest fire station to us is 1.5 miles and closest police station is about 3 miles.

Robin said...

Closest PD - (360) 673-2165
385 N 1st St, Kalama, WA

Closest Fire Dept. - (360) 673-2222

382 Ne Frontage Rd, Kalama, WA

There is also one must be a volunteer sttion because not listed in phone book at Cloverdale/Todd Rd. which is closer to my house

Dale Chumbley said...

Closest police station is on about 154th and Mill Plain and the closest fire station is on about 119th Ave and Mill Plain.