Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Using Social Media to Prepare for Emergencies

As an emergency management agency who has been using "social media" for a while, it was exciting to read yesterday's article entitled "How to Prepare for Disasters Using Social Media" posted by Mashable yesterday on using some of the emerging tools to enhance personal emergency preparedness. 

This article highlights a number of iPhone and Android applications that can easily assist in creating and mapping your evacuation routes, emergency preparedness checklists, storing your emergency contact lists and keeping in touch with information as it emerges during emergency situations. 

While CRESA has not specifically checked out all of the various emergency preparedness mobile applications, we encourage folks to spend some time ensuring that preparedness information is always at your fingertips.  Emergency plans are only valuable if they are practiced, rehearsed and remembered easily. 

In terms of finding this emergency management agency in the world of social media, you already know we blog if you are reading this!  But, did you know that we also have a website at, a CRESA Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account

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