Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Social Media Presence

Today, CRESA has launched its agency social media policy and its social media footprint to expand our ability to communicate with those who live within SW Washington during emergencies. This has been the result of an extensive 18-month process of both research and evaluating best practices among similar agencies.

Here is where you can find CRESA on the World Wide Web:

Website (for static information):

Blog (for dynamic or regularly-changing information):

Twitter (for brief messages in real-time):

YouTube Channel (for publicly-available video content):

Flickr (for publicly-available photo content and to allow the community to send in pictures of their damage): CRESA911

FaceBook (for synthesis of both BLOG and TWITTER updates): CRESA (Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency) Fan Page

Part of our criteria for selection of these tools included:
1. Evaluating the user statistics to ensure that we are using what is most commonly used in the community

2. Evaluating the GSA contracts and user language to ensure that we are allowed to use the products in agency/commercial settings

3. Usability of the sites to ensure that our staff didn’t need to learn any advanced computer language to access and utilize the information

We will be archiving our social media output and community comments in compliance with public records retention laws. If you have any questions about this information, feel free to email Cheryl Bledsoe (

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