Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sign up your cell phones, VoIP phones and emails for emergency alerts!

The Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency has added a new feature to add cell phones, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones and emails into the Emergency Community Notification System (ECNS). This system may be used by emergency response personnel to notify specific homes and businesses at risk with specific information about the emergency event. You will only be called when the associated address will be impacted by an emergency.

While both listed and unlisted land line phones are already loaded into the system from local phone company records; cellular and VoIP phones are not automatically included.

Your immediate action is needed to receive emergency notification by signing up cell and VoIP phones. To sign up, go to the CRESA website here and follow the "Alert Clark County Sign up, Be informed!" icon hyperlink or click the same icon on right side of the blog.

Example reasons to sign up your cell and VoIP phones:
  • Receive emergency information on your VoIP phone while you are at home.
  • Be notified on your cell phone while you are at work and your kids are at home alone.
  • You care for a family member within Clark County and want to be notified if their address may be affected.
  • Or you have family living out-of-the-area that cares for you and wants to be notified if you may be affected (all U.S. phone numbers are ok as long as the address is within Clark County).
  • As a business owner, you want to be notified of emergency information that may impact your business.

If you have specific questions or comments about this system, feel free to contact a CRESA Emergency Management staff at a local public safety open house or contact the lead staff for the ECNS public sign up page project listed below:

Scott Clemetson, Emergency Management Coordinator, CRESA or (360) 992-6289 office

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