Monday, December 15, 2008

Deep Freeze Thoughts

Although not all of SW Washington turned white with snow yesterday, the weekend storm did usher in some VERY cold temperatures which are here to stay for a few days.

Take some extra time this week to check in on your neighbors and family members to ensure that they are safely weathering these extremely frigid temperatures.

Some hazards to be thinking about during this cold snap include:
    Power Outages: Make a plan now for how and where you plan to stay warm.

    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: As you make your plan for warmth, remember carbon monoxide poisoning is considered the "silent killer" during cold snaps.

    Freezing Pipes: Remember some key things to do around your home for protection.

    Hypothermia: Watch for warning signs among your social circles. Adult warning signs include shivering/exhaustion, confusion, memory loss/slurred speech and drowsiness. Infant warning signs include bright red, cold skin and very low energy.

    Remember your animals: Keeping animals warm can also present some challenges. This site, from a bird owner's perspective, has some creative ways to help.

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