Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cool Updates

As I write this entry, the weather indicator suggests that it is 94 degrees outside here in Clark County. With the Clark County Fair and National Night Out events going on today here locally, hopefully everyone is keeping well-hydrated and watching for signs of heat exhaustion among their friends and families.

Some fun and random updates for you today include....
  • The Event Calendar here on the blog has been updated to include some training and public education events available within Clark County, Washington, over the next couple of months.

  • We've updated the subscription list so that everyone who signed up over the past 2 weeks should now be receiving the blog via email!

  • A local "Blog-Off" is going on right now between the Portland Water Bureau and the Oregon Trail Red Cross Chapter. Check out their blogs for some great preparedness and water-related tips.

Remember to keep yourself, your loved ones and your pets protected in the heat using common sense and these important heat-related tips!

Cheryl Bledsoe

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