Monday, July 6, 2015

Community Volunteers- It’s good for you and for us

If you are a regular reader visitor to this site you will know that we place a great deal of value in our community volunteers.  Regardless of their affiliation, their willingness to give of themselves to better their community is a cornerstone of our disaster preparedness and response organization.  It would be an understatement to say that volunteers are good for our community.  They are critical to the health and wellness of our community.
And being a volunteer could be critical to the health and wellness of our community members. 
A growing body of evidence suggests that being a volunteer-getting out and working with and for your community-of giving back—is actually good for you. 
  • One study found that three quarters of respondents who volunteered in the past year made them feel healthier, with an additional 20% admitting that it also improved their overall mood.
  • Volunteering is a chance to make a contribution in a way that you control, with 80% of volunteers reporting an increase in feeling in charge of their health.
  •  Volunteering may lower the risk of mortality.  The conclusion of a 2012 study by the American Psychological Association found that those who volunteer for altruistic reasons have a markedly lower mortality rate.
  • According to a Duke University study of individuals with post-coronary artery disease, those individuals wo volunteered after their heart attack reported less symptoms o despair and depression compared to those patients who were not volunteers.

For those of you who are volunteers this is not surprising.  For those you who don’t regularly volunteer.  Give it a try.
For more information about how volunteering is not only good for your community, but good for you check out these sites.

If you’re interest in learning more about volunteer opportunities in Clark County go to our website or leave us a note and maybe we can help

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