Monday, March 23, 2015

Daily Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management- Look it up on the internet and you will get the idea that ORM is a great tool that will keep you alive and prevent stupid mistakes.  And this is true to a point.   Because of that many agencies and organization make it part of their annual safety training or include a blurb in their monthly safety bulletins.

But for ORM to really be effective it has to be something that is not trotted out once a year and discusses solely in the how to prevent accidents at work.  ORM is something we should practice- and in many cases do practice- in everything we do by integrating the 4 principals of ORM in our everyday decisions.

Accept risk when the benefits outweigh the cost.   On the 28th (Something on a Stick Day) you may be tempted to dine at your favorite petroleum dispensing diner.   Under the covered dome and heat lights are many culinary delights that pay homage to the day.   But take in your surrounding and the general condition of the establishment before you make the choice.   Because the benefits of that delicious deep fried goodness can be offset by botulism.

Accept no unnecessary risk.  If this week is any indication the 24th (National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day) will be a lovely day.  And one might be tempted to celebrate both the weather and the day with a snack and a stroll through a petting zoo.   Should that happen and should you drop a chocolate covered raisin on the ground- leave it.  The risk of mistaking your raisin for a droppin is too great- there are more in the box.

Anticipate and manage risk by planning.   March 15th (the ides of March) will mark the 2059th anniversary of Julius Caesar’s last appearance before the Roman Senate.  Had he planned ahead-and maybe listened to Mrs Caesar- he would have worn his metal toga.  Or at the very least kept his back to the wall and mitigated the risk of back stabbing Brutus.

Make risk decisions at the right level.   The 20th was Extraterrestrial Abduction Day and if ever there is a decision that need to be made at the right level this would be it.  We know not go into the basement of the spooky house alone or answer the phone while babysitting by yourself.  And we should know DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR TO CHECK OUT THE LIGHTS IN THE SKY!!!  If you’re not sure-and still want to take a look- call someone and get a second opinion.

Some helpful ways to integrate good decision making in your day

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