Thursday, June 19, 2014

New CRESA PIO Coordinator Assigned

With the resignation of Cheryl Bledsoe from CRESA effective June 6th, Eric Frank has been appointed as the new PIO Contact for CRESA.   Eric will be the primary point of contact for media information regarding CRESA.   

This position will be agency wide to help coordinate and support public information for all of CRESA.  Eric will work in maintaining cooperative relationships with our partner agencies, and the community to ensure the high standards and positive actions of CRESA continue to be highlighted in the region.

Attached below is Eric’s contact information.  Please update your contact information. 

Eric Frank
Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA)
360-992-6289 (office) |360-601-8962 (mobile)

Please let me or Eric know if you have any questions.


Anna Pendergrass, Director of 911 & Emergency Mgt
Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA)
710 W. 13th Street, Vancouver, WA  98660
360-992-9216 (office) | 360-600-4521 (mobile)

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