Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

With nightly temperatures dropping into the mid 20's this week it's time to throw a log on the fire, bundle up with a strong cup of coffee, piece of pumpkin pie, and your E-reader.  As Old Man Winter arrives a
cold dry air mass will settle over the region for the next few days.  Very cold sub-freezing overnight temperatures can be expected.  Personally this is my favorite time of the year, but I am well stocked up on firewood and warm blankets.

With Thanksgiving about one week away I cannot help but think about those who do not have access to the comforts I often take for granted.  With temperatures in the 20's a slight wind of 15 MPH can make it feel like 15 degrees, see the Wind Chill Chart.   Hypothermia can occur quickly to those exposed to these harsh weather conditions.  As you think about what you may be thankful for this year  please consider helping those who are struggling to stay warm and well fed this winter.

November 17th to 23rd is Hunger & Homeless Week.  There are numerous organizations throughout Clark County who work tirelessly to provide the basic necessities to those in need.  Share reviews many ways to support those in our community this week and beyond.  The Vancouver Clinic is also conducting a  Winter Clothing Drive November 20th to December 11th.  The Clark County Food Bank also offers many ways to get involved in the fight to "Alleviate Hunger and Its Root Causes".

One thing is clear, there is certainly not a shortage of ways to help others in our community this holiday season.  So as you search for that perfect turkey, buy the ingredients for Aunt Betty's secret stuffing, or dig out your mittens and ice scraper please consider giving to those in need.  Please feel free to leave a comment recommending any other local organizations or events supporting those in need this season.

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