Friday, July 6, 2012

The Heat is On...The Way!!

Well July 4th has come and gone, and that means summer is officially here in the Pacific Northwest.  Right on schedule as you look at the extended forecast for the Metro area, temps are expected to top  90 degrees Sunday and Monday. 

As we all head outdoors this weekend, we hope everyone prepares for their outing.  Think Safety.and some items to consider include:   

Let someone know where you are going:  This time of year as we take to trails and the backwoods, its also critical to let someone know where you are going.  If by chance you get lost or need help, this is important when trying to organize search and rescue in narrowing down where to concentrate their search. 

Sunscreen: Yes even here in the Pacific Northwest where the sun has been something of  a rarity so far this year, it will be important to remember to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Water:  As temps rise, it becomes ever so more important to keep yourself hydrated.  Heat Exhaustion can easily lead to Heat Stroke. 

Pets:   It doesn't take long as temps rise for a vehicle to heat up.  The temps inside a vehicle can easily reach temps well above what the outside temp is.  As the picture above illustrates, temperatures within the vehicle can easily be one and half times the outside temperature in just a few minutes.  In fact at 80 degrees outside, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach 123 degrees in just 60 minutes. 

More Heat Safety Tips

If you are taking to the waters:

Life preservers:  It was reported on the news last night, and on their Facebook page the NWS of Portland just posted about it today, that although the temps are on the rise, the temps of the rivers still hovers around 60 degrees.  This along with the currents can make for a dangerous situation.  Along with never swimming alone, take a few safety precautions in keeping yourself safe.

So bring on the sun! Bring on the Heat!  Just remember as with everything a little precaution and preparedness can help you enjoy summer here in the Pacific Northwest  safely. 

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