Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Take Out the Batteries

Creative Commons via pink-cell-phone.com
How many of you have let your children or grandchildren play with your old cell phone?  They see us using them regularly and few kids can resist pushing buttons or the sound of beeps when they have tried to dial the phone.  

But, did you know that even deactivated cell phones can still dial 9-1-1? 

And, if your phone dials 9-1-1, you catch it and quickly turn off the phone, you can still activate a police response on an "Incomplete 9-1-1 call" just to make sure you're okay.  Unfortunately, this is not the best use of our valuable public safety response resources.

While we know it might not be as fun for your kids, remember to TAKE OUT THE BATTERIES before you let your kids play with you phones. 

Our fellow friends in Longmont, Colorado, made a great video to reinforce this message.  

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