Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wanna Be Part of a Twitter Strike Team?

Social Media is changing the way people communicate. And this is particularly true of communicating during an emergency.

About one year ago, the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami generated approximately 1,200 Tweets per minute. And, by today's standards that would now be considered slow.

For comparison's sake, can you guess the speed of messages shared on Twitter? If you guessed 12,000 tweets per second, you'd be close.

If you're working in public safety today, these statistics should downright frighten you. The amount of information that is being generated online has turned into its own tsunami that we will need your help to filter and discern in order to better respond and serve.

Today, CRESA would like to announce a recruitment for a new type of volunteer opportunity. We will be calling this the Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST) which will work to support our emergency operations environment.

The beauty of this volunteer opportunity is that service can be done from anywhere you might have access to the internet. Whether you wish to participate in your pajamas from Nashville or inside our Emergency Operations Center here in Vancouver, Washington, we seek to develop a team of people who are commissioned to watch the community conversations online, gather the key questions & concerns and feed them into our emergency response.

If this interests you, feel free to read more about the VOST concept at this location.

And if you are still interested, fill out an application HERE to participate.

We also ask you to consider sharing this opportunity with people that you know or think would benefit from participating in a team like this. At the beginning of April, we will announce key training opportunities and next steps for team engagement. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

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